Quick get the schedule out!!

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Well, my first task was to review the schedule and try to make it work for all the students. For those of you who have ever created a schedule you know this is tough. I was fortunate to have the majority of the work done by my predecessor. I was able to swing a few [...]

I Have Arrived!!

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Well, I am living in Bottineau and so far Vicki and I really like it. The scenery is fantastic. It isn’t like the plains of the prairie because we have the hills. They are called the Turtle Mountains but they aren’t the Rockies. Nonetheless we really like them. People here are friendly thus far and [...]

Getting Ready to Move….Kind of

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Well here I am at Guard training and the family is home packing the house. It goes so slow and I really have to thank Vicki because she is the main person to shoulder this load. Not to mention when we get to Bottineau she will start work also. She has done all she can [...]

Bike the Border

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Well I finally got myself into a group ride. I participated in Bike the Border. It was headquartered out of Bottineau so it gave me a great chance to ride the routes in my new area. The weather was a bit rough and I wasn’t ready for the hills. All in all it was a [...]

House Hunting May be a Closed Season

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We finally found a house that we really feel we like. It was a perfect fit. The hard thing about these houses is that they don’t just give them away. So now we participate in the home buying dance…….we make an offer….they accept….we get our resources together and the bank checks for credit problems. Once [...]

House Hunting……Painful at Best

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Well, We have been making regular trips to Bottineau,ND. That’s where the new job is. I am really starting to like it. Right now we don’t have a place to live which isa pretty big deal. Things are moving fast and the oil idustry is have an effect on the housing in the area. It [...]


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Well sometimes life just throws you a curve. I didn’t think it would happen to me anytime soon but it definitely did. I was trying to find employment in the same town as my wife. She has opportubitites close by, but then we spend money on gas. We began to look, and quite honestly we [...]

It’s May!! Let the countdown begin….

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Well, I missed a month of blogging, and believe me a whole bunch has happened. I interviewed for several jobs, as I am looking to follow my wife and her career. I also turned down a job, didnt get a job or two, and took myself out of the running for a job. I have [...]

Smells Like Spring

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This week we get to 50 degrees. I can’t beieve it. I really hope to pound some serious miles this week because believe it or not, I feel a bit fat after the small winter. I was doing so well, but when I hit the tournament times, there was just too much good food. Oh [...]

Winter believe it or not

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Ok so I got a blog. This, I feel will be a good thing. I have lots of things to say and believe me world,I have opinions. From cycling(a new past time) to hunting, to family, and to my profession of education. Plus I write incredible stories. I plan to use this as a forum [...]